wonderful stories of the city

This is my evening off.
Off life, off people, off work, off sex, offly happy.
I`d really like to picture it for you but Oly`s battery is out, mine too, and I`ll just leave it for some other time, as I usually do.

This is a time to go off yourself too. I`m sitting naked in my room smoking, pretending to the world that I`m in the bathroom. As you please. Letting it all flush feels kinda better when you`re alone, don`t you think? I even let the water run so that it could sound more natural.

Today, I was walking completely shut down a boulevard when a handsome worried stranger came to me and said:
- Excuse me, do you speak some english?
- Yes, yes I do. Tell me, what`s...? - my voice is out of service here.
- What does 'hubavo' mean?
- Uh... it means something good, something that... makes you feel... nice.
He smiled, suddenly revived:
- Wonderful! Thank you!
And he was gone. I started laughing.
Five seconds later I got texted:
Samotno mi e.kaji mi ne6to hubavo.

There was it. A small insignificant miracle, and you asked for it. Then actually it was given to you. Take it as a sign. For what? That things happen.

Staying naked so long just telling stories like that made me freeze. Now really, bathroom time.

It`s a joy being here with you tonight.

I`ve got cancer in my ears. It makes me hear weird things.
- Why, I love drops. They remind me of nipples. And... nipplerain, yey!
- You`re sick.
- Oh come on, you thought of it first, I just said it out loud.

I wish it didn`t mean anything, I really do. It`s sad not to dispose of your own emptyness. You`re always there with yourself, you can`t just kick the bastard away again.
It`s also sad that I won`t be hearing from you for awhile, and I`d really love to. This evening keeps repeating itself every few days and I`m kind of wandering, what the f*ck is my life going to look like from now on. It is quite embarrassing and confusing, though.

- Duuuude, you should totally see this, the road is prrrretty!
- I want to feel the grass growing out of mi back again... in sparkles...
- You know, you should totally wake up, man.

- F*ck me like a dandelion! Why is it so hard for you to understand, why does anything have to be hard at all?
- What`s with the agression now, bitch!?
- See? That`s what I was talking about!

What does 'hubavo' mean to you? What`s the first that comes to mind?
I imagined a yellow pear. Have no idea why, just popped out. And it was so sweet, and the feeling you get when you tear it with your young teeth...

What does 'hubavo' mean to you? The so-called 'smell of clean' from the childhood. Later on, I loved women who smelled... pure. Every drop of treir satisfaction was a serenity.

Placebo. Another thing in my life I can`t replace. It`s become me. This whining bastard Brian too.

How do you feel about being lied to?... See? That`s why I said "no". Well, mostly, that`s why I didn`t say 'yes', come to think of it... Anyway, what were you saying about those shackles?

This has become exhibitionistic, you`d say, quite typical for your conception of "unsocial". Quit rolling those eyes, I can see you.

That was the story of a lazy woman.

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