Theodor Bastard

The defining turn in the THEODOR BASTARD's history came in 2000 when Yana Veva, who played guitar with the band before, sang a song at the rehearsal session and was immediately appointed as a lead vocalist. Being interested in the Middle East culture like her fellow bandmates, Yana trained herself in singing strange Arabic scales and borrowing vocal features not dissimilar to Lisa Gerrard and Natacha Atlas. Early club events with Yana at the mike proved that THEODOR BASTARD have found something very special. Even before releasing their first album of strangely organic blend of ethnic motives with industrial, electronica, goth-rock (actually, it was their fourth or fifth if we count early experimental stuff) the band has become a bomb for St.Petersburg clubs... (more.)

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Silentium said...

Много приятна група, макар да имам само един техен албум (Пустота) и да ми е трудно да се сдобия с друго :)