Дезидерата Куха

"When Desiderata Hollow was a girl, her grandmother had given her four important pieces of advice to guide her young footsteps on the unexpectedly twisting pathway of life.

They were:

Never trust a dog with orange eyebrows,

Always get the young man's name and address,

Never get between two mirrors,

And always wear completely clean underwear every day because you never knew when you were going to be knocked down and killed by a runaway horse and if people found you had unsatisfactory underwear on, you'd die of shame.

And then Desiderata grew up to become a witch. And one of the minor benefits of being a witch is that you know exactly when you're going to die and can wear what underwear you like."



Oggie Astardjiev said...

I love Pratchett! Толкова ме е яд, че е болен..

junkpaper said...

Верно ли, Оги?! Ужас! Бле... Ама ще се оправи нали?

Oggie Astardjiev said...

Алцхаймер, нелечима рядка форма.. Може само да му пожелаем спокойни години (дай боже) и да реализира колкото може повече от идеите в главата си...
Тъжно е:(

Anonymous said...

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