When I dream

Trying to be ruthless in the face of beauty bruise pristine serene
she's got vacuum cleaner eyes that suck you in she stole the keys
to my house and then she locked herself out don't you wish you'd
never met her? now your lover went and put me in the ground, I'll
be watching you don't care about us. It's your age, It's my rage
It's who the hell you take me for. I'm unclean a libertine Instead
of stressed, I lie here charmed never thought you'd fuck with my
brain such imagination seems to help the feeling slide didn't want
you anyway every time I rise I see you falling but I don't care for
myself I'm in the basement, you're in the sky I'm prepared for one
big silence careful not to fall and you'll never wake up you are
like a hurricane there's calm in your eye. I want to love you but
I'm getting blown away. See you at the bitter end reminds me that
it's killing time so I'll be your liqour demons will drown and now
we're all alone cos it's wrong and i've been waiting far too long
for you to be mine I was alone, falling free Baby, did you forget
to take your meds I'm medicated, how are you? Forget your running
and the sex, the drugs, and the complications as if they could
erase it I break the back of love for you we're sown together she's
born to mesmer don't ever fake it and please don't drive me blind you
don't believe me but you do this every time when I dream, I dream
of your fists we'll rise above this before our innocence was lost I'll
wait my turn to tear inside you ‘cause if I don't we'll both end up
in the cold light of morning I'm well aware of how it aches because
I want you too you are one of God's mistakes someone to whom I
could relate.


dete said...

после ще те чета, сега да кажа, че ми трябва тетрадката по латински. кажи някъв ден и час може и в нас и да идвам или да идваш.спешно.

gouranga said...

на един дъх :)