... and then the other night, someone looked at her and said: "Priceless!"
I sat semi-conscious in a venous pool of smoke, nodding to myself: "Simple as that."
Priceless the moment today, sipping coffee together on the stairs, until the cigarette burned my lips.
Priceless the script last night, the stories within. Childhood of a stranger, smooth and silky as fresh liver but too odd to attract a fly.
Priceless the village road with butterfly clouds bursting around us in silent laughter. And then again, the phallic fire we wrapped our brain strings around.
Priceless the music.
Priceless the look in your eyes and the hug you gave me when I admitted you`re the closest friend I ever had in my life.
Priceless her angry green eyes, the bloody toilet dreams and sea elevators going upside-down.

You bastards. Noone ever made me that happy. I wish I could do the same for you. I wish I could feed you back.

"And I have seen
The sunrise over the river
The freeway
Reminding of
This mess we're in
And ooooh...

The city sunset over me
The city sunset over me"

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Anonymous said...

fine moments... aaaw...