Thanks to Alexander Alexiev :) Just when I thought the day couldn`t get any more weird!
So far: went to work, spent a night online, moved out of a home, moved into another, sunbath in the public transport after a wild ride with the cat in Juja`s handbag, lost 20 leva, got them back thanks to a nice old lady in a shop, spent few hours in suspended animation on the floor with music and tobacco, went to a very strange performance, froze, now watching TV news while the guys are experimenting with 28 different perfume fragrances next to me (I wouldn`t be able to smell anything untill Easter!) and waiting for my baby to wake up... ouf. What`s next? A box of milk. And who knows what else.
Oh, in case anyone is wondering why I`m writing in english - Drago`s keyboard in Bulgarian Phonetic is so messed up I refuse to waste my poor brain resources on trying to figure out where the hell is "Я" :)
Milking away...

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