jumping around the bottom of it all

found somewhere around the web

- I needed a break... and things just broke! Guardian angel is being sarcastic again, that son of a... hum, preacher man. Another wish granted, same old game we`ve been playing for far too long. Bizarre, normally he wouldn`t try so hard to make me lose. Why? Simply there`s nothing he could win out of it!... Here, take a bite. What are you talking about, of course you won`t hurt me, that`s my job, remember? Good. Now you stay here and chew like a good girl, while I go fix some really fucked up things. Unless you want to come with me? No? Thought so. Well... bear in mind that I might not be able to come back soon. You know it`s always a messy business when dreams and wishes get involved. I shouldn`t have started abusing this option in the first place, but since I`m already in... oh nevermind, it`s for the best. It always is. Meanwhile life`s a real pain in the ass down here, honey! Sometimes I wish you could drop by and see for yourself. But it`s better to know that you`re safely away from me. There are moments when even I feel away from myself... One of these mornings a complete stranger will wake up in my place, blind, skinny and shivering like a new-born mouse. We can`t let that happen, right baby? Keep your lights up and I promise everything will be fine. C'mon, smile for me. That`s right, you`re the best! Sigh... gotta run. Luv'ya!

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