Then I had to climb down
I went down to see the sun rise
And then I had to climb back up again
I had to be there to see the sun rise
All the air that you sent to guide me had a tone of elephant grey
We were all there in the morning
We were there and we wanted to stay

(The Knife - "Kino")

careless spending lots of time on the streets but never enough bumped into a fish in the Ocean scratched my curiousity and now all I want is to go home and shut myself down for few days maybe more but never enough talkative as I can be smoked my brains out several times and still unable to stop it from coming won`t you marry me for instance? and your blond curls would turn purple in the sunset but the rain kept banging on our doors insisting and selfish like a hungry child it`s raining fingertips outside but your bathroom is too small baby I need you to be wide and warm or should i turn into an ant and crawl up your legs to mute that shout you carry won`t you ever give birth to it premature ugly as can be we`ll raise it with love or at least with lots of passion though never enough... pass this on won`t you

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